Changing your AcuFil Software

I have had a request from Cathy on how you can change the measurement units in your Janome AcuFil software.  I have created a short tutorial below on how you can do this.  When I installed my software it defaulted to inches, however there would be times when having it set to millimeters would be handy, … Continue reading Changing your AcuFil Software

Downton Quilt Complete

After 3 straight nights of stippling, a bit of help from the cat, 2 rolls of thread and 6 or 7 bobbin changes, I can say, ‘I might want to save for a long arm quilt machine”….well a girl can dream!  The quilt is finished, this quilt from start to finish has been fun to create. … Continue reading Downton Quilt Complete

Progress On the Downton Abbey Quilt

It has been a full on weekend with the Downton Abbey Quilt.   I thought making the quilt top was fun.  But this weekend has been the interesting part of the process.  I have basting the three layers of the quilt together.  This part of the process is always fun.  It starts with me trying to find … Continue reading Progress On the Downton Abbey Quilt