My Woven Chevron Design

Over the past couple of weeks I have been inspired to create a very modern quilt. I had been seen a quilt made with a chevron interwoven with each other. I then thought I might take a double half square triangle block and make many interwoven chevrons. Here is my finished design.

By the time I had finished the design Friday night, interviewing different colour schemes I ended up with a similar colour to the above.

Saturday morning was a quick stop at Spotlight to purchase the required fabric, I have to say EQ7 makes this part really easy.

Got home late morning and wrapped the fabric onto boards as I find it easier to cut the fabric this way.

Then it was time to start cutting. I decided to do a row at a time.  It was fun to watch the quilt grow over several days.

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So by the following Friday night I had finished the quilt top.

So the next step will be how to quilt it.


It also turned out that I am not the first person to do this design, and the other design is even similar colours, anyone would think we copied each other!!!, but I will give it to “Anne” for coming up with it first :o)

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