AcuEdit Epsoide 1- Getting Started and the Basics

Hi after all this time I have managed to put another video series together, well lets not get ahead of myself I have completed Episode 1 and I am working on the others :o)

The video takes you through using the AcuEdit software on your iPad.  I start with explaining what all those little icons do and show you how to use the application.  During this episode you don’t need to be at your sewing machine, or even have it turned on.  So grab your iPad, install the software if you haven’t already.  Here is the link to the software if you don’t have it, its FREE!!  So get comfortable and have a play, remember it easy to rewind and play each section of the video again if you need to, also if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to put them in the comments section below.  This is my first tutorial on the iPad so they can only get better.

2 thoughts on “AcuEdit Epsoide 1- Getting Started and the Basics”

  1. i enjoy your explanations. I’m trying to follow the stippling on Acufil. I’m really ignorant. On my iPad I see acuMonitor, acuEdit, acuDesign, acuSetter. How do I get to where you put in the measurements ? Can’t find acu fil !
    I have the embroidery arm & hoop ready but can’t even get to where your demonstrating. Can u help me

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