I am in Quilting Heaven

For a while now we have been planning a trip to the US and Canada, you might remember a post I did a few months back asking if anyone new of some must stop quilt stores.  For part of the trip we were in Lancaster & Intercourse Pennsylvania, yep Amish country.  We only had two full days in the area and one of them was a Sunday, so that left me with only one afternoon to hit quilt stores in the land of quilting.  Man it was amazing.  The workmanship was out of this world of the quilts that were on show.  I wasn’t able to take any photos sorry, the Amish people don’t like to be photographed and the shores I went into were all amish shops, Zook’s fabrics, which by far is the best, if you go to their website you can see photos of the shop.  I also went to Nancy’s Corner, which was a mix of fabrics and completed quilts, I have never seen so many quilts, floor to ceiling, all different sizes.  They had a bed in the shop that you could put quilts on to see the designs.  It must have had 50 or more on the bed let alone the ones up the wall.  For those into quilting a trip to Intercourse, PA is a must.

I will be stopping into other fabric stores on my travels next stop will be Fabric Row in Philly so I am hoping to get some photos of the stores there.  My mom has already given me a shopping list for this neck of the woods!!!

3 thoughts on “I am in Quilting Heaven”

  1. just found you this morning while looking at something else. Thank you so much for putting videos and info out on the Jsn,e 15000. I have one but am not an experienced embroiderer. I bought it for the quilting capabilities but have never really been able to work it out by just reading the manual. I will try some stippling now but could you do some other videos on some of the other quilting designs and possibly some bought ones to show how to set up using the acufil too on continuous meandering or other continuous designs.

    1. I sure will. With Christmas coming I’ll have some time for more videos. I’ve been thinking about doing a sample quilt of all the built in quilt designs do maybe I’ll start with that. Thanks and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you get notified when I put new videos up.

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