Who Knew – Gardening Gloves For Quilting

I just love the idea that a common item used in one part of your life can be used even better in another!!

My mum is major talented with sewing, she has been making formal wear and wedding dresses all of my life.  But lately has decided to give quilting a go. I was talking to her yesterday regarding free motion quilting, and I was telling her that using gloves can help with moving the fabric around, and takes the tension out of your hands and makes things easier.  She mentioned that she had seen on a YouTube video that using the type of gardening gloves I gave her work really well.

The idea of using these gloves stuck with me for most of the day.  When I finally got into my sewing room yesterday, to try yet again, to work on my “lovely” architecture quilt I thought of the gloves.  I had a spare pair in the garage, so thought I would give these a go….AMAZING is all I have to say!!!! The quilt is even 90% complete now, after all these months and unpicking because of fabric moving.  So watch this space for the finished quilt.  I only have cutting the 4 sides and binding to do on this quilt and it is finished!  So thanks Mum for the great tip.


It’s funny how things all come together.  Once I finished in the sewing room, very much on a high from getting the quilt so closed to finished.  I was catching up on my twitter feeds and found that Melanie Ham had just completed her first Periscope broadcast on free motion quilting.  She was using a pair of quilting gloves but mentioned she didn’t like the look of them. I am excited that I can finally pass on something of interest to her for a change, nothing like giving back to those to inspire you.

I would love to hear your comments and feedback.