Tip For Purchasing Quilting Items From Overseas

As some of you may have found, if you don’t live in the USA it is very expensive to get your quilting fabrics, pre-cuts and notions.  I have to say both Fat Quarter Shop and Missouri Star Quilt Co are great at giving a fixed pricing for International delivery, and I will note these below for you to compare.  But for me if I am just getting a single jelly roll or a couple of charm packs it is cheaper to use YouShop for postage to New Zealand.  They make it so easy. Using there service I can have any item shipped in the US to a US residential address that YouShop assigns to me.  When the item or items arrives they contact me and give me a price in New Zealand Dollars to post it, minimum is $15NZD.  Oh and you get Air New Zealand airpoints too if you are a airpoints member.


To give you an example the Amy Ellis Jelly Roll I had delivered today came in a small Amazon box and cost me only $18.20NZD. Other stores selling this jelly roll online were going to charge me $56.00USD!!! more than the cost of the jelly roll itself.  But if I was to purchase two jelly rolls or a jelly roll and some layer cakes then I can see that Fat Quarter Shop or Missouri Star Quilt Co are the way to go.  But please remember don’t spend too much as you will end up paying customs fees, here is a site for you to check what customs will charge

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USPS Priority Mail – Under $20 can be shipped for $13 (First Class).
Up to $100 is $25.
Orders over $100 and beyond ship for $40!If your shipping is $40 but we can fit your order into one envelope we will reduce the cost to $25. We can sometimes fit up to 10 yards of fabric into an envelope.Orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail International which typically takes 1-3 weeks.
USPS Priority Mail

  • Orders up to $100 – Ship for $25 flat
  • Orders from $100-$200 – Ship for $35 flat
  • Orders $200 or more – Ship for $40 flat!

The tiers are calculated based on order size before the cost of shipping is applied. For example, if Jane from Australia makes an order for $195, during checkout an additional $35 flat shipping rate will be charged, making her total order cost $230.

MSQC only ship international packages using USPS Priority Mail

UPS Worldwide Express – If you need it a little faster this is your a little faster option.
– 2 or 3 to Asia/Australia/NZD/Other. However, orders can be delayed in customs.
– Costs vary based on your order and location and will be shown during checkout. Packages are fully trackable and insured, plus, delivery is guaranteed.
Fair warning!!  Larger orders shipped this method often get more scrutiny from some countries and customs fees are more likely.
– We recommend choosing this option for the assurance it provides, especially for time sensitive, important or larger orders.
I have used their Worldwide Express option and for one Jelly Roll plus 2 charm packs it was $30USD, it was here within 3 days though, and I was able to monitor it online.  This option has my tick of approval 100%. I have used MSQC postage, and found it took 2 months to arrive!!!  The tracking system they use doesn’t give you any information.  It was very disappointing and I have to say I preferred using Fat Quarter Shops Worldwide Express, for tracking. timing & value for money.

I would love to hear your comments and feedback.