Progress On the Downton Abbey Quilt

It has been a full on weekend with the Downton Abbey Quilt.   I thought making the quilt top was fun.  But this weekend has been the interesting part of the process.  I have basting the three layers of the quilt together.  This part of the process is always fun.  It starts with me trying to find enough room in the lounge, by rearranging all the furniture, then Mike and I spread out 4 odd metres square of backing fabric.  I then pin the backing fabric to the carpet, and pull the fabric a bit each time to get it nice and taut without stretching it.  Then Mike helps me layout the cotton batting, and we centre this on the backing fabric.  Once that is done it is on to placing the quilt top on top of the other two layers.  Then I spend about an hour or more putting safety pins through all three layers.  I would time lapse the process, but I do look rather funning rolling around the floor, not sure anyone wants to see that!!  I have to say the cat does love to help though.  This process took me most of Saturday afternoon.

Once the basting process is complete it is off to the sewing machine, with a detour to the computer on the way.  I use a Janome software called Acufil to create a template that will then “Stipple” the quilt.  This is the first time I have done a quilt this big using the software.  It turns out the template needs to be stitched out 77 times!!! It only takes 4 minutes to stitch each block, but the positioning of the quilt each time takes at least 5 – 6 minutes, so this all takes time.  I am finally getting into a better routine with the Acufil and in a few weeks it might be time to do another tutorial on with a few tips and tricks.

By 9.40pm this evening I have managed to quilt 1/2 of the quilt, with any luck I might have it finished by the end of the week.

For those of you who are not sure what Acufil does and what stippling is, I took a we video with my phone, not the best quality, but will give you an idea of how it works on the Janome.

2 thoughts on “Progress On the Downton Abbey Quilt”

  1. I appreciate your posts about your Janome MC 15000. I just purchased one, and am completely overwhelmed! I have completed a few embroidery projects through a craftsy class, and am now tackling the Acufil portion of it (reason I bought the machine.) First few attempts were not great, so I am playing around with thread to get it right. Your Downton Abbey quilt is lovely. I have a FQ bundle of the fabric I am hoping to get into soon.

    1. Hi Karen
      Great to hear from you. Getting your machine is such a mixed bag, being so excited you just want to do everything on it and overwhelmed because your not sure how to do what you want todo. If you have any specific question please be sure to ask about how to do something I will be happy to help with either machine or software.
      The best thing I can suggest regarding thread as a starting point is to make sure you have the Janome bobbin thread in the bobbin when embroidering, Use an embroidery thread on the top just as a starting point, once you get your design and machine going well on those then adding a different top thread doesn’t seem so hard. I only ever use Janome Bobbin thread for embroidery on the bottom. I have tried what seems like everything else and the only one that works well is the one that comes with it, and the bobbin holder is setup for that thread. For normal sewing you are fine to use anything else, but for embroidery you need to use the Janome bobbin thread.
      Keep me posted on how you get on, would love to see some of your work. I also have a Facebook page if you prefer using Facebook.

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