Playing with Zipper Bag Design

Another few hours of trying to tweak my zipper bag techniques. I have been working on how to get a better finish around the zipper on the bags today with thicker fabric. I have also gone for a hidden zip in the seem.  Once I get the measurements done right this should look good I think.  A friend Andrea gave me some off cut fabric some time ago and I thought I would work with those today. The patterned fabric is great and I love the finish, but I used velvet for the inside, which has a lovely feel, but makes it very hard to get the top corners of the bag around the zipper looking nice, it’s to thick and moves when you have 4 layers together.  Also the velvet is too heavy and the bag weighs too much for its size, but it does look and feel nice.

Here are some photos so far.
AB Zipper Bag 1

AB Zipper Bag 2

I would love to hear your comments and feedback.