Got to Love Robert Kaufman – Free Quilt Calculator

I am extremely lucky to work in the world of technology (ICT). I have done so now for more than 25 years, but this doesn’t mean that at times I don’t under how difficult people find technology.  One of the reasons I work in ICT is to make it more usable.  As a Director of ICT in a school my main personal aim is to make sure that technology doesn’t stop the learning.  To make this happen technology has to be simple and reliable, just like your pen and paper.  What I find with most people is they are trying to make things more difficult than they really are.  In saying that, it doesn’t mean I don’t do the same at times!

For years now when I design a quilt I start with taking my pen, paper and calculator out from my draw in the sewing room and start designing.  I have tried all sorts of software from EQ to excel but just can’t find something that is simple and creative.  Even with EQ now on Mac, I just can’t bring myself to purchase it, as I know I will spend more time playing with the software than just designing.  I just want to sit down, design something and stitch it out, after all, for most of us it’s the piecing/stitching that is the most exciting aspect of a quilt.  Well that is the case for me anyway.

So to my biggest surprise was to find something that already complements what I am doing.  I believe I have found that simple and reliable product, and it’s free.  Robert Kaufman have a quilt calculator app for Apple iDevices, Android and Amazon Androids.  Its that product that just helps me calculate things a little quicker than what I’m doing now.  It’s so simple that I don’t need to learn anything, but speeds the whole process up……..THANK YOU ROBERT KAUFMAN.  I also have to stress that they app has a great help blurb and example for each calculator, right there on the page you are using, you don’t have to go anywhere for that extra help if needed.

They have created all the calculators your could possibly need in this app.  You can even do measurements in Meters and Inches!!!  Great for us non Americans who need to purchase by the meter. I would love to hear what you think about the app, and if there is something else you use to simplify your creative process.

RK App1

I would love to hear your comments and feedback.