Cleaning Time

Now for those of you who know me well, house work is not my most favourite thing, in fact, I really don’t do it.  But my sewing machine, that is a different story, I clean and maintain the machine on a weekly if not nightly bases.

There are different reasons why you need to run through cleaning your machine’s bobbin and thread areas regularly.  The quality of the fabric and thread are my main reasons.  Lately I have sewn with two different jelly rolls, one of them was was so dusty, there was bits flying all over the place just from undoing the roll, let alone when I was sewing it.  The other roll was the opposite, and I hardly had to clean the bobbin are.  I have a good range of both embroidery thread and cotton thread, the cotton thread is the worst on my machine by far, even the Aurifil thread, which is one of the best, creates a lot of lint compared to embroidery thread, but you need cotton for quilting, so the more I quilt, the more I clean….the sewing machine that is.

I have created a tutorial on how to clean your machines’ bobbin area and thread guide, especially on the Janome Memory Craft 15000.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning Time”

  1. Hi Helen. I’m trying to start sewing basics. Looking at a second hand machine but have no idea where to start. Any brands that I should aim for?

    1. I personally like Janome, they are a good machine, I’ve had them for 15+ years now. Elna are also good. There is Wellington Sewing Services in Kilbirnie Plaza –, he often has second hand machines, plus there is always Trademe. Give me a bell during the week and we can discuss.

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