Quilt Label

Gifting time of the quilt I created a few weeks back, now to label it.

In the past I haven’t labelled any of my quilts when I gift them, but I was watching a great video by Jenny at the Missouri Star Quilt Company, she is after all a guru of all things quilting.  Jenny talks about how quilts live for ever, people love to know the history of a quilt.

Today is the day that I am gifting Jasmine her new quilt.  The interesting part for me about creating the label was thinking about when I started and finished it, and what to call the quilt. I decided to use a luggage template I found on the web and add a few sections to it for the info I wanted to note. I then used the digitising software I have for my sewing machine to digitise it. All was going well until I realised the label was going to be too big. I reduced the size on the screen but when I stitched it out, some of the wording is a little to small, I think next time I won’t use variegated thread either.  Overall however I am pretty happy with my first attempt at a quilt label.



I am happy to report that I will be gifting Jasmine her quilt this evening, so it is all wrapped up and ready to be gifted, very exciting

quilt gift


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