Must Have Fabrics for Austen Fans

I am a huge Jane Austen fan, from visiting her homes, going to locations she wrote about, and her grave.  She encouraged me to read when nothing else would.  Even to this day I argue with myself on whether or not Persuasion or Pride and Prejudice is her best work.

Today while I was looking at my twitter feed and found the below posting, it got me all intrigued…could it be? I asked myself…
Ridley Blake Ardently AustenSo some quick research was required and sure enough my eyes did not deceive me.  Riley Blake Designs is releasing a fabric collection called Ardently Austen by Amanda Herring….and it’s all about Austen!!!!  Fabric purchasing curfew has been officially lifted.  Pre orders can be made at the Fat Quarter Shop

Ardently Austen Collage

The collection also contains fabric with some of Austen’s text on it, I will be using this for sure


The collection is also coming in precuts, so I can see a few quilts being made out of these.  I need to get my order in for this lot I think


I would love to hear from any other Austen fans who are looking at making a Austen inspired quilt, and what designs you might have in mind.


I would love to hear your comments and feedback.